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Cotton classing is undertaken by ACS to determine the quality characteristics of each bale of cotton to be marketed by Cotton Growers, Cotton Brokers and Merchants. The quality characteristics include colour, leaf (trash) content, staple length, micronaire, strength and uniformity. ACS undertakes this quality assessment utilising a mixture of the latest available High Volume Instrumentation (HVI) equipment and human visual testing for colour and leaf. Once each sample has been classed, the associated quality characteristics data is provided to all parties for use in their warehousing, selling and shipping of the lint cotton into overseas markets.        


Experienced Local Staff


ACS fully supports our local communities by employing local people. Our staff are well experienced in all aspects of the operations of the classing room facility. Our staff are from long established cotton growing families within our communities.


Why people always
choose ACS


Australian Classing Services is a full participating member of the Cotton Classer's Association of Australia (CCAA).  Fully compliant with the CCAA's Best Management Practice for cotton classing.  We have a fleet of the most up to date cotton testing equipment (HVI™ Machines) used in a humidification and environment conditioning system and a group of the best classers in Australia.  Our classing services are second to none and we provide a professional service with the help of professionals with long time experience here in Australia and overseas.     




Marketing your 
uncommitted cotton


Your uncommitted cotton can be sold after classing and ACS can help you market it.  With your HVI results and manual classing results we can refer this information  to all Australian Merchants as per your request.    




Let's talk about
how we can
class your cotton

Let's talk about
how we can
class your cotton.


Latest News

ACS has Upgraded their Classing Room to International Testing Standards

For the 2022 season, ACS has installed a New Humidification unit.

The Humidification unit will bring ACS in line with the ICA International World requirements for Standards

This new Humidification unit will maintain constant conditions at 21+/- 2 (Temp), and 65% +/- 2% (Hum) in our HVI room.

This new unit has the latest remote monitoring and automatic data collection for our BMP requirements.

Also, for the 2022 season, we will have a new colour head USB-Pro installed and upgraded to Windows 10 software on all our HVI Machines.
This will bring ACS classing facility up in line with international testing standards and requirements, widely accepted and recognised internationally.