Services Provided


  • Marketing your uncommitted Cotton

Uncommitted cotton can be sold after classing and ACS can help you with this marketing.  

  • Accurate HVI™ tested parameters on your cotton for its fibre qualities

This accuracy is maintained through following all BMP guidelines and using further in-house quality assurance methods to regularly cross check between machines, and a routine check test procedure to ensure the machines are maintaining calibration.    

  • Data, Detailed and Summary reports on all the qualities of your cotton

This data will allow you to make informed decisions on the marketing of your cotton, and compare fields or farms.  All ACS data is produced in an industry recognised format.

  • Highly trained Cotton Classers

To visually assess your cotton for its colour and leaf content.  Each of ACS' cotton classers have been trained in the USA and hold a USDA cotton classing certificate.  Our cotton classers have combined industry experience of over 35 years, with our 2 senior classers having been in the industry for over 15 years.      

  • Monitored and maintained conditioned environment

This monitored and maintained environment ensures all cotton is tested under controlled atmospheric conditions to ensure even and accurate readings.

  • Cotton testing using small cotton ginner machines prior to the picking of cotton

This is a service offered by ACS that is not available in other classing facilities in Australia. It gives the grower an indication of the characteristics of your cotton.  


Please feel free to contact me to discuss your cotton classing options.