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Cotton tender service

ACS offers growers a cotton tender service for cotton classed by us.

Let us do the work. We manage the tender process with merchants giving you the potential to secure a premium price.

Our cotton tender service:

o enables you to access the highest price on the day, 

o gives you price certainty for ginned cotton, and

o means you will be paid for actual cotton quality. 

With access to most merchants, you can request to tender for sale all or some of your classed cotton. You have no obligation to accept the offered price, giving you peace of mind.

How does the ACS cotton tender service work?

The process is simple, the tender charge is $1 per bale sold (plus GST):

• Enter a Classing & Tender Contract with ACS   ; and

• Prior to ginning, tell us which bales (usually for a gin run) you want us to sell by tender..

Your classed bales can be sold off the gin pad or from the warehouse.

For more information see the ACS Classing and Tender services contract or contact us.